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The Greek Travel Pages eBook & printed professional business guide is referred to as the “Bible” of the Greek travel industry. It includes accurate and practical information and is intended for travel professionals.
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About the Business Guide

An integral tool
for travel

GTP Travel Media Network constantly strives to elevate Greek Tourism by creating strong connections between the market’s innovators and a wide range of industry partners and entrepreneurs.

Our 45+ years of expertise in the fields of quality journalism, publication and data management make us capable to feel the vibes of the market and define trends.

Business Guide contents

Travel Agencies
Global Distribution Systems & Reservation Systems
Airline Industry & Air Connections
Shipping Companies & Ferry Operators
Car Rental Companies (Rent a Car)
Motorcoach & Transfers
Diving Centers
Intercity Bus Services (KTEL)
Transport Companies
Tourism & Travel Organizations / Associations
Hellenic Tourism Organizations
Tourist Police
Embassies & Consulates
Hotels & Lodgings
Hotel Chains
Hotel Management
Hospitality Software
Camping Sites
Museums, sites & Monuments
Tourism Education

Some of our
Business Guide

Travel related companies & professionals

Hospitality companies

Commercial accounts,
Organizations, Ministries,
Tourism bodies

Travel & Tourism
Intl Exhibitions and Events


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